Tips for Students on Remembrance Day Poster and Literary Contest

1. Review rules and regulations to make sure that you meet the requirements
2. Make sure that Canadian National Symbols are used.
3. Make sure that Black and White posters have no colours in the posters or they will be considered a Colour Poster
4. For poems and essays, make sure to check spelling and grammar. Also check word count to make sure you are within the limit.
5. Make certainyour poem or essay is from your heart, as these have the greatest chance to advance in the contest.
6. If you can, please type your poems or essay, to help the judges
7. Make sure that your work is historically accurate in its presentation.
    Note: Our Canadian Flag came into use in 1965. Before that the Red Ensign was in use.
8. The three versions of the Red Ensign that were used:

1868 to 1921 1921 to 1957 1957 to 1965

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