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The Branch is run by an executive committee and comprises members who are elected annually by the members of the Branch.

Bells Corners Branch 593
2018/2019 Fiscal Year
President Shawn Taillon
Immediate Past President Ron Henderson
1st Vice President Ed Rupic
2nd Vice President Patrick Doyle
3rd Vice President Vacant
Secretary Susan Jannack
Treasurer Vacant
Sgt-at-Arms Patrick Berrea
Veterans' Services Ted Bransfield
Chairman Vacant
Executive Committee Chairs
Legion Seniors Brad Curtis
Hospital Visiting Brad Curtis
Poppy Campaign Shawn Taillon
Poppy Trust Fund Shawn Taillon
Public Relations Cal Bellamy
Honours & Awards Cal Bellamy
Bar Officer Linda Barton
Sports Officer Dave Treleaven
Bursaries Patrick Doyle
Housing Dave Tempenny
Grants & Assistance Vacant
Ways & Means Ed Ruspic
2332 Cadet Liason Fred Latham
2870 Cadet Liason Ron Henderson
Youth Programs Patrick Doyle
Traing & Organization Development Vacant
Constitution & By-Laws Vacant
Membership Bruce May
Branch Administrator Sue Belliveau
Website Liaison / Facebook Page Shawn Taillon

Ontario District G Policy & Procedures Manual

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